In case you needed to hear this, this one’s for you

Film by Ben Rains

Found this really beautiful sentiment about the creative process and wanted to share. It’s something I needed to hear, so in case anyone else needs to hear it too.

“So here’s my advice: Whatever you choose to do, do it without concern for how it compares or will be received by the unseen masses. You know deep inside what is Quality for you. You know if something is any good or works. You have your own standards. And if the work isn’t up to your standards, don’t fret. Just keep going. Do another painting, another chapter, another song. No one has to read your first draft but you.

Think and plan. But then true learning comes from the doing. The messy process of lurching towards truth.” -John Couch

Interesting Creative Spaces

Browsing the internet as one does, I stumbled across this Toronto based creative haven.

The Darling House offers an intimate setting and aesthetically interesting features, available to rent for events as an AirBnB , or for filming and shooting purposes. The linked video demonstrates the thoughtful touches strewn throughout  the mansion, just a peek to get the creativity wheels spinning. While the website shares examples of how people have utilized those creative prompts. My favorite example being Jazz Cartier’s music video Right Now, which has over a million views on youtube. 

To see the fun for yourself The Darling Mansion’s website can be found below.

I was inspired, I hope you were too.

The “I don’t have enough time” problem

PG: Shana Cutler

The creative process is only as elusive as you make it. 

What do I mean by that?

Ever notice how when it comes to prioritizing your own artistic endeavors, you never seem to have enough time? There’s suddenly a dozen other tasks demanding your immediate attention? Somehow the entire day flew by and you haven’t gotten any closer to working on your art.

I’m guilty of it. Scrolling on Instagram or Facebook in the name of ‘networking’. Organizing and reorganizing and organizing yet again stacks of papers, books, my desk, anything at all to not have to spend time working on my art. While I’m not consciously trying to sabotage the time I’d have spent working on my art, but I am. 

Yup I said it. I am my own problem. When I don’t commit to an action plan. When I allow myself to procrastinate. When I come up with excuses instead of producing results. 

How do I change this? I focus on setting intentions. Intentions are baby steps, tiny little goals that I know I can accomplish, like working on my project for 5 minutes a day. I’ll agree to this because 5 minutes feels like no time at all. Then three days later I’ve put 15 minutes towards my goal and am feeling pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished so I’m encouraged to add another 5 minutes to my daily practice. A week goes by, I’ve stuck to my daily practice and it’s building my confidence.  I can do this. 

I sure hate it when the answer is that simple but it is.

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