I’m working on a mixed media piece and could use some feedback.

I was really inspired by Jenny Holzer who has been creating visual art with words for many years.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m the worst with grammar so if there’s a better way of wording these, feel free to suggest!

What lines resonates with you / would you expand?

What did I misspell? haha

the social contract is a lie

your moral superiority wont save you

your purpose is to fight like hell for whats important

those that have the most will still DIE

unconditional love is a basic human right

if you want to be seen as a good person, BE a good person

treating others with decency is a minimum

we are the victims of what we choose to believe 


Stuck: settling for short term gains over long term pay off. What does that mean? When we are the victim in a situation we receive immediate relief in the form of sympathy which can feel good but is only temporary solution to a much bigger challenge. Sort of like putting a band aid on a broken arm.

So how do we get unstuck? Instead of settling for the immediate relief we have to step back and look at the larger picture. What outcome am I trying to create? What do I have control over? What do I not have control over? How can I utilize my skills and assets to achieve the desired outcome? With each challenge we face we have the opportunity to try something new.

In case you’d like to see my face as I share this thought, I made a post on IG:

October’s GBTL conversation

Whew! Where has the time gone?

So much has happened this year. Not just with the world but also within myself and my living situation. COVID has prevents folks from the untied states to travel, that’s put a huge dent in what I do and how I was living. I’ve taken a home base, learned how to collaborate from a distance, created a patreon, and taken a part time job at a sex shop. All of these things have come as a surprise to myself but have been an adventure of their own. So much is uncertain right now but it is what it is and i am making the best I can of it.

Speaking of the best. Going Beyond the Lens has been a restorative space for me. after all of the things this year has dropped into my lap, I look forward tot he monthly conversations with fellow artists. They enrich me, fill my heart with joy, and teach me things about humanity and art I hadn’t previously considered. I love this group of folks! Curious about what GBTL is? Join us for free on Octobr 17th at 1pm est. Reserve your spot via the Eventbrite link below:

This month’s Going Beyond the Lens conversation topic has been announced:

It’s Communication!

Images by Jacs Fishbourne, Bunny Luna of Eva Luna, and Lior Allay


This month’s Going Beyond the Lens conversation series topic has been announced!

It’s Vision!

I’m actually pretty excited to learn about this one. Not only do both of my colleges have some really interesting art that relates to this topic but I am pretty sure the folks joining will have some insightful art to add to the mix.

If you are interested and want to join the free event here is the link to sign up!


These images were created in collaboration with Natalie Gamble. She had a brilliant light idea and together we utilized creative exploration to make it work.

During COVID I have dived into collaborative self portrait work. It took me a rather long time to pick up a camera. However I finally have and that’s what counts. I’ll be posting some of my endeavors here as I utilize creative exploration paired with all of the lighting skills I’ve learned over the years. 

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