Model, Creative, Collaborator, & about 99 other titles as well

Immersing myself into your creative world, I bring your artistic vision to life. In need of help creating a concept? Look no further, I distill your work and make suggestions based on the intersection of what you have already done and what can help you stretch creatively.  

My experiences as a creative for over a decade allow me to understand what challenges you may face while being able to offer the much needed support and guidance during our photo shoot session. Together we will achieve what singularly one cannot.

I work unceasingly to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. I love creating and it shows in my willingness to dive in and go the extra mile. Subtle details make all the difference, I am happy to repeat and refine poses. While I offer creative direction; I am also comfortable at adapting to the goal of the shoot, understanding and grasping the essence of the style, mood & inspirations at hand, as well as being aware of the best light and angles for my body in relation to the camera's perspective.

My work takes me all over the globe. If you'd like to be notified of when I will travel to your area or you would like to make a request please Contact me.

As a creative, I have been hired and am available for these additional services related to photography:


Portfolio Review


Model Coach

Art & Creative direction

Set Design and Building

Location Scout

Photo Assistant

One on One Workshop

Photo Studio Manager

Photo Excursion Travel Coordination 

Culling photos to fit (or create) a narrative for photo books, magazines, personal projects

Organized Marketing Campaigns for Art Projects

Marketing for Artists and Art Projects

Contact to inquire about any of these additional services


My collaborative work has been internationally featured in galleries, magazines, photo art books, and have won photo contests around the globe.


Magazines -

The Opera magazine With Frodo

Esquire UK with FoxHarvard 

Sex & Design magazine: Red with FoxHarvard

Creem mag with FoxHarvard

Cosmopolitan Germany with FoxHarvard

Sex & Design magazine: Foreplay with FoxHarvard

Supplementaire with George Pitts

Creative Loafing with designer Dolly Donshey

Playboy Germany with Simon Bolz

Professional Photographer with Roy Lee B

Professional Photographer with John David Pitman

Andivero Magazine with Adrienne Andersen

P Magazine with Nimble Photons

Camera View with Ben Rains

Horizon T with Ken Mil

Nit Magazine with Redyourblues

Nude Revue with Norwiz

Cole Magazine with Eva Zocher

Cole Magazine with M Knight

Elegant Magazine with Melanie Helms & Tamara Barnett

Elegant Magazine with Roy Photography, Leticia Meyers, & Rework Creative

Nude Issue 3 with Thomas Holm

Clear Nude Magazine with Keith Campbell

Black & White Magazine with Malcolm Lobban

WASE magazine with Ben Ernst

Galleries -

Paris Photo with Yoram Roth

Camera Work with Yoram Roth

Shanghai Photo with Yoram Roth

Photofairs San Francisco with Yoram Roth

Palm Springs Photo Festival with Frank Ockenfels

Fahey/Klein Gallery with Frank Ockenfels

Fahey/Klein Gallery with Sylvie Blum

Palm Springs Photo Festival with Sylvie Blum

MOCA Bangkok with Sylvie Blum

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam with Lotta Von Droom

Ronen Art Gallery - Stockholm with Lotta Von Droom

Timothy Yarger Fine Art with Gershon Kreimer

CultureFix Gallery in New York with Keith Campbell

Art books -

Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography vol. 4 with FoxHarvard

Venus on Mars by Thomas Holm

Frank Ockenfels 3 Volume 3 - teNeues Books

Heretical Fates Art book and Tarot Deck by Allan Amato

Selina Mayer's handmade photo art books

Narrated Monologue by Korbinian Vogt

Frisky by Simon Bolz

Raw Beauty a collection of instant film with Erik TN


Spider awards with Provoculous

Photo Shoot Awards with Thomas Holm, Malcolm Lobban,  Karen Jones, Jessica Evrard, Charles Dufour, Greg Bennett, Ben Ernst

Fine Art Photography Awards with Nimble Photons

Moscow international foto awards with Lotta Von Droom, Malcolm Lobban

Monochrome Awards with Malcolm Lobban

Tokyo International Foto Awards with Malcolm Lobban 

Movies -

Film on Film by David Mcnulty 

Dangerous People by Garo Nigoghossian

Chance has no Empathy by Gabriel Saint

Podcast -

Matthew Dol's The Wise Fool podcast 

Grant Trimble's Figure Isms podcast

Interviews -

F Stop Blog

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