Going Beyond the Lens

A conversational series with artists Bunny Luna, Lior Allay, and Roarie

Going beyond the lens is a community of artists dedicated to encouraging each other's growth. Through sharing our experiences we build community, learn from each other, & enrich our individual practices. Each conversation is centered on a singular topic & everyone is invited to share how the topic plays a role within their creative practice. All artistic mediums are welcome. 

Get support in taking creative risks and expanding the boundaries of your vision.

You only need to bring your curiosity and an open mind.


Meet the artists 


Bunny Luna

…is an agender multi-talented model, photographer, + self-portrait artist with nearly a decade of experience in the industry. They graduated with an associates degree in Fine Art + Photography from Rowan-Cabarrus + has collaborated with the likes of Spencer Tunick, Lauren Woods, + other masters in the international art community. Bunny is motivated by self-expression beyond the limitations of language. Photography, especially self portraiture, allows one to explore parts themselves that we might not know or understand otherwise. Taking self-portraits is an integral part of their self-love practice. No matter the emotion, whatever they’re feeling they can pour into an image + this alchemical process helps them remain balanced + grounded while managing the stress of artistic self-employment.

Photography is a major way that they are able to connect with others + share their perspective with the world. Their intention is to create art with all different kinds of people at all intersections of life, because representation matters.

If we all looked the same, the world would be so boring!

Image credit: Lior Allay



Lior Allay

…is a queer, non-binary interdisciplinary artist, performer, social scientist, humanitarian, + single mother from the greater Philadelphia area living with chronic illness.

Their specialty lies in spontaneous design of site-specific concepts using largely found objects + human bodies to create visual poems with power. They operate from both sides of the lens to execute meaningful scenes about the intersection of identity, sexuality, vulnerability, + gender in our culture today.

As an auteur their technique is defined by the poignant combination of visceral body language + everyday surrealism that encourages the viewer to ask difficult but necessary questions about the sociocultural challenges we face today.

They enjoy facilitating shared experiences in transformational spaces + continue to bring their dynamic, engaging events to cities all over the world.

Image info: Lior Allay self-portrait with Bunny Luna assistance 




Is an artist who utilizes curiosity to challenge the status quo and innovate new possibilities. Growing up, Roarie was told that they should ‘become a model’ repeatedly. This 'compliment' fixated only on their physical appearance, felt limiting - as if to say the only value they had to offer society was their looks - so they dismissed the concept of modeling entirely. However, after discovering the genre of fashion nudes and fine art, they decided to give modeling a chance. The images felt brazen - the uninhibited postures told the viewer the model had body autonomy. This was much different from the expressions of female nudity Roarie had grown up with in North America culture.

With this inspiration, they set out to create work that utilized nudity, not to titillate but to challenge Western culture's fixation with female nudity being inherently sexual. Roarie strives to communicate nudity as natural, vulnerability as strength, and other concepts beyond simply just being pretty. A decade and 44 countries later, they have created a portfolio of work that they are truly proud of. While they still find fulfillment in modeling, these days, Roarie is mostly focused on empowering other artists in better aligning their work with their passions and helping them meet their creative goals. 

Image in collaboration with Zeitgeist Photography


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