Going Beyond the Lens

A conversation series with artists
Bunny Luna, Lior Allay, and Roarie Yum.

You need only bring your curiosity and an open mind.

Join us for an inclusive, immersive dialogue to nurture your creative soul and enrich your art practice.

Come willing to learn and make new connections with a creative community in a collaborative environment.

Get support in taking creative risks and expanding the boundaries of your vision.


Meet the artists 


Bunny Luna

Agender visual artist, ecosexual witch & perpetual student here to remind themself and everyone else that perfection doesn't exist and we are all on this planet at the same time, together, for a reason.

Learn more at bunnyluna.com

Image credit: Bunny, Lior & Roarie Collab



Lior Allay

Non-binary, disabled artist & naturist on a quest to manifest an empathy utopia.
Learn more about Light Alchemy: www.LiorAllay.com

Subscribe for monthly online classes (LIVE or Recorded) in art & healing + access the complete creative archive dating back to 2010: www.patreon.com/LiorAllay

Image credit: Bunny, Lior & Roarie Collab




A human who creates art to start conversations & challenge what is perceived as normal. An autodidct who allows their inner child to guide their way. Always question, question always. 

Visit here for insights on how to live & create authentically

Image credit: Bunny, Lior & Roarie Collab


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Previous topics include:
Body Language
Erotic Art

Self Discovery


Self Love

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