The Wise Fool Podcast    

Matthew Dols from @thewisefoolpod reached out to me about my career as a freelance model. Being a photographer, he had come across my work and was interested in my perspective from the other side of the lens. Our discussion covered a lot of topics, what do you think I may have left out? What would you add?

We discussed:

The difference between the traditional role of models vs today

The need to build a community
Adversity creates growth
Communication is key
TFP – trade for print
Patreon, onlyfans replacing Tumblr
Cultural differences in attitudes toward and appreciation of art
The sexualization and exploitation of the female form
Creating a book project
Models as creative equals
Self doubt and the fear of failure
Photography workshops
How photographers can better collaborate with models
If you rely on things you know how to do, you only go places you have already been
Body language and expressiveness
How to choose the best model for your project
Androgyny and gender roles
Respecting the personal space of models

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