During one of my rabbit hole sessions with the internet I came across this video. In less than 10 minutes it highlights one of my favorite things about art (and when I think about it, it also applies to life), that we all see things differently. One might call this perspective and we each have our own, based off experiences, feelings, the way we were raised, what communities we grew up in, and what media we chose to consume.  This video inspired me to start a challenge of my own. 

I shot a series of self portraits against a white wall to serve as a blank canvas for creativity and invited artists of all levels to collaborate by editing the images. Faced with the difficulty of social distancing and the inability to collaborate in person, this challenge seemed like the perfect way to explore different perspectives and not feel creatively helpless.

The response from artists who have wanted to participate has been overwhelming and I’m grateful.  This is a difficult time filled with uncertianty but one thing I know for sure, when you ask you get that much closer to having your needs met. Some artists have turned in images already and they are all so drastically different from each other, I couldn’t be any more pleased.  Join me on my facebook or Instagram where updates on this project will be posted.

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