Booking Information

I’m beyond thrilled to be entrusted with your creative vision.  

From one artist to another, thank you!

To ensure that we have the best possible time together, I've arranged some helpful information for you. 


I collaborate with artists of many mediums, from a variety of backgrounds and levels of expertise. Each collaboration has different requirements. To honor the uniqueness of each project rates are provided on a per project basis. When inquiring about the rate for your project, please provide as much detail as possible as well as links to your work. If you do have a budget, please include this information as well. To accommodate budgets I offer sessions from as little as two hours up to a full day.

For budgeting purposes, below are North American industry standard rates: 

  • 2 hours $250 
  • 3 hours $375 
  • 4 hours $500 
  • 8 hours $1000

*These are general rates for up to Fine Art Nude photographic endeavors, some other artistic mediums have different general rates. Please inquire for rates specific to your project.


Once the date of our collaboration has been decided, a non-refundable deposit of 50% will confirm the reservation. This can be paid via venmo or paypal (if paypal is your desired method of payment, please make sure to include the service fee). 

The other 50% of the rate will be paid upon arrival in either cash, venmo, or paypal.


Sometimes life throws a curveball, I get it. If you need to cancel, let's reschedule! If that is not possible, then below you will find the associated fee.

Within 4 days to 72 hours, the deposit will be forfeited.

Within 48 hours,  the deposit as well as the remainder 50% of the agreed shoot rate.

Fees can be made via venmo or paypal.

In the unlikely event that I cancel, the deposit will be returned and any kill fees associated with our session will be paid by me.


The clock starts at the scheduled session time and ends at the scheduled time. If the shoot goes over the scheduled time frame, additional billing will incur in half hour increments at a rate of $50 per every half hour. 


I create across many genres and love avant garde concepts! I'd like for both of us to create what really makes us happy and to be comfortable while doing so. In order to know if I am the right model for your project the following is a list of what I am NOT available for (however there are many other fantastic models who shoot this type content  that I could gladly recommend).

I am NOT available for hire for explicit spreads, close ups of genitalia, or fetish content. 

I am NOT available for hire for personal collection or pornagraphic membership sites.

I am NOT available for posing in grave yards, public locations that have not been previously scouted, or areas that are heavily covered in graffiti.

I am NOT available to pose with a gun.

I reserve the right to refuse themes, poses and/or wardrobe that I deem incompatible with my brand. 

Now that it has been established what ideas I am NOT for hire, let's focus on the many other awesome concepts available to us. The world is your creative oyster! I'd love to hear more about what inspires you and your concept. Mood Boards are incredible ways to communicate ideas and they allow me to prepare my headspace as well as bring any wardrobe or prop that may apply. 

Harsh Conditions

​​I love creating and want to be in the best position to do so! However conditions that will be harsh on the body such as cold weather or heavy rain, must be discussed in advance. These types of shoots require advance preparation, such as hot tea, a warming station (could be a heater or heated car), and mandatory breaks to regain warmth.

I retain the right to refuse posing if I feel my health and well being is at risk.


My personal space is at least an arm's length around my body at all times, there is no need to touch me.  If I need adjusting, please communicate verbally or demonstrate with your body what needs to be fixed.

Permission is required to capture behind the scenes pictures or video. Preferably asked for before the shoot. 

If you or an assistant disrespects my rules, I retain the right to end the shoot and be compensated fully.

Etiquette & Other Considerations

For organizational purposes all communication will be in writing. Contact via phone will be used only for emergencies or to re-confirm the shoot 24-48 hrs in advance.

Prior to our collaboration, please inform me of everyone who will be on set even, if they are another member of the team. 

If weather conditions affect the location of shooting, the photographer is responsible for a back up location. If no back up location has been scheduled, the photographer is still responsible for the booking.

If the shoot concept is messy (glitter, body paint, heavy makeup, etc) the last 15 minutes of our scheduled shoot time and a dedicated place to clean up is required.

I will happily provide a copy of my ID and sign a model release. I can also provide a model release for your use. If there is a model release that you prefer to use, please provide it prior to the shoot for my review. 

My legal name is never to be published. Credit should be to the name Roarie or Roarie yum.

Our session includes breaks for rest, using the toilet, refreshments, as well as fixing makeup, and changing clothes.

Makeup & Hair

I  will arrive with base makeup that has a natural look to it. Through out our collaboration I am capable of adding slight variations to my makeup. I would recommend a makeup artist if your concept requires anything more advanced. 

My hair is chin length and shaved underneath. I will arrive to the shoot with freshly washed hair. Through out our collaboration I can slick my hair back or change the part. Any other styles will require a hair stylist. For variation without a stylist, I also have wigs. If you would like to use a wig during our collaboration please mention them in our pre-shoot communication.


Upon request, I can provide wardrobe ranging from 'basics' to an evening gown. To ensure I will be able provide the looks you are seeking, please provide a mood board showing the style you would like to capture. If there is a stylist or designer on the team, I would be happy to work with them. Below you will find my current stats:

Height: 5' 9"   Weight: 110 lbs   Bust: 31"  Waist: 25"   Hips: 33"   Cup: A   Dress: 2    Shoe: 8.0


Food is fuel as they say and creating requires a lot of energy! These particular snacks will usually make me happy dance. Coffee (black or with oat milk), fizzy water, dark chocolate, Gala or Fuji apples and peanut butter, fresh fruit/veggies, hummus, trail mix, low sugar granola bars, Peanut butter pretzels, any other low sodium snack item you can think of.

On half or full day collaborations providing a meal is customary. If this is not the case for our collaboration, please notify me in advance so I can prepare.

What you can expect from me

  • I will arrive ready to create. This means on time, without clothing lines,  base makeup already applied, and a cheerful disposition. 
  • Fluid posing and a deep understanding of my body in relation to the camera as well as the lighting conditions it looks best. 
  • I will look the same as I appear in my portfolio. My hair length/cut may differ, I will provide a candid of my current look.
  • That I will be professional in our communication and when I create with you.
  • I will be engaged in our collaboration. I am invested in every project that I take on and will bring both passion and enthusiasm to our collaboration. I am truly grateful to pursue my passion as a job and inject that gratitude into our session.

What I expect from you

  • Professionalism in our pre-shoot communication as well as on set.
  • Clear communication of your concept and the details of your project.
  • The desire to work collaboratively.
  • Adequate time for breaks and snacks. 
  • Understanding, that after all I am a human being. Though I will try my absolute best it may not be possible to pull a particularly bendy pose, climb something, or pose under certain conditions. 
  • Integrity in sticking to the agreements we made. Requests made during the shoot to exceed agreed upon levels will be denied.


If after our shoot,  you are ecstatic about the work we have created that you want to share the images, please do! I love to see what we have created together! The usage of these images will strictly be for updating my portfolio or social media networks and will always include proper credits for the whole team.

Whew! You made it to the end! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It makes me happy to know that you are invested in creating to the best of our capabilities! If you have any questions, feel free to inquire. I am happy to elaborate or discuss the ways we can work best together.


With all the business-y stuff out of the way, let's create!


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