Art Care Packages

Since COVID 19, I’ve had to take a home base. This means I’m going through my things that have been stored at my mom’s house while I was off being a nomad. One of the things I really appreciated about my mom was how proud she was of me. She erected a shrine like display & would invite anybody who would listen, over to see it. My mom also really enjoyed getting the packages of prints in the post. This became something we bonded over as I shared with her the story of how each print came into being.

After my mom passed going through these prints has been really tough. Even though I’m really proud of the work, I just wanna throw all of the prints away so I don’t have to deal with the emotions they bring up. I know I’d really regret it later on, so instead I thought why not create a ‘care package’? These would include a print, a hand written note, and a quote that is meaningful to me, for a donation of any amount. Yes, ANY amount because gifting the art to someone who will appreciate it even a sliver of the amount that my mom did will be healing for me. ♥️ 

There are only 37 care packages available in total, they range from Instax, Fuji peel-apart instant film, Polaroid, and 4X6 prints. These are more manageable sized, and unique, as only one of each print will ever exist. To give you an idea of what is available scroll through the slide above, select an image or asked to be surprised!  As always I’m grateful for the support, thank you♥️ 

🦁Email with any questions you might have - roarieyum@gmail dot com

Be sure to include what mailing address you’d like me to post to, thank you!

Shipping will take place on the 25th of May, I want to ensure each package is bundled with care.

*Please keep in mind that these pictures of the prints were taken with a phone and do not accurately reflect the detail or quality of the print.

Images by FoxHarvard, Ron Pre, Angelcliff, Photominimal, Henry Green, Mark Velasquez, Martin Treml, David Wittig, Kelly Segre, Jim Minics, Tobias, Trey Funktionhaus, Sam Guss, Jim Minics, Doug Swinskey. 

Frank Ockenfels 3

It’s been an honor to work with as many talented folks as I have. I feel truly grateful to be a part of the art, even without accolades but when someone does decide to put together a book or place their work in a galley show, that’s awesome too. I love seeing printed versions, it somehow makes the work more real by being in a tangible form. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Frank Ockenfels, an artist I deeply respect, and am honored to be included in his latest book. You can see one of our images at 0:35

Collab Project No. 1

The #collabproject has brought together both folks I have worked with and some that I have not, from all over the globe. This project has reminded me of why I pursue art in the first place, collaboration. In my experience this means, each person brings something to the table and uses it as a starting point to build from. Many times the materials are the same or at the least very similar, but each session has produced different results. All the collaborators were provided with the same series of 25 images and each created something uniquely different.


During one of my rabbit hole sessions with the internet I came across this video. In less than 10 minutes it highlights one of my favorite things about art (and when I think about it, it also applies to life), that we all see things differently. One might call this perspective and we each have our own, based off experiences, feelings, the way we were raised, what communities we grew up in, and what media we chose to consume.  This video inspired me to start a challenge of my own. 

I shot a series of self portraits against a white wall to serve as a blank canvas for creativity and invited artists of all levels to collaborate by editing the images. Faced with the difficulty of social distancing and the inability to collaborate in person, this challenge seemed like the perfect way to explore different perspectives and not feel creatively helpless.

The response from artists who have wanted to participate has been overwhelming and I’m grateful.  This is a difficult time filled with uncertianty but one thing I know for sure, when you ask you get that much closer to having your needs met. Some artists have turned in images already and they are all so drastically different from each other, I couldn’t be any more pleased.  Join me on my facebook or Instagram where updates on this project will be posted.

The Wise Fool Podcast    

Matthew Dols from @thewisefoolpod reached out to me about my career as a freelance model. Being a photographer, he had come across my work and was interested in my perspective from the other side of the lens. Our discussion covered a lot of topics, what do you think I may have left out? What would you add?

We discussed:

The difference between the traditional role of models vs today

The need to build a community
Adversity creates growth
Communication is key
TFP – trade for print
Patreon, onlyfans replacing Tumblr
Cultural differences in attitudes toward and appreciation of art
The sexualization and exploitation of the female form
Creating a book project
Models as creative equals
Self doubt and the fear of failure
Photography workshops
How photographers can better collaborate with models
If you rely on things you know how to do, you only go places you have already been
Body language and expressiveness
How to choose the best model for your project
Androgyny and gender roles
Respecting the personal space of models

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