This morning I decided to work on the Art Care Packages, before doing so I logged onto facebook to check in and noticed a message from a photographer I have only recently made acquaintance with. I’d came across his work when I served as judge for the Photo Shoot Awards. I immediately connected with the way his work uses the human form to evoke emotion  so I sent a facebook friend request and message. Strangely, (due to the timing) this morning he shared this video to  which I played in the background as I wrote out the notes portion of the Art Care Packages. Now, I am familiar with Maya Angelou and have read her book “I Know why the Cage Bird Sings.” but have not listened to this interview. Near the end of it she talks about her mother’s passing and how Maya granted her mother the ‘permission’ to pass on. It was an unexpected turn in the conversation and overtook me with emotion. It reminded me of the last conversation I’d had with my own mother. While I was not aware of what was to come, I now see that conversation in a whole new light. This project has given me a wonderful gift of making peace with the difficult feelings around the loss of a loved one through sharing. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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