In my recent post about the Art Care Packages, I felt vulnerable sharing my feelings about my mom and what I was going through. Despite these reservations, I shared my story and the response has been incredibly touching. Folks have responded with stories of their own experiences with losing a friend or parent, folks who shared with me how long they have been following my work and what it means to them, and other well wishing encouragements. 

I took a trust fall into my social media audience’s arms and have been truly gifted with the response. 

To everyone who shared a story with me, to everyone who commented, to everyone who made a donation. Thank you! ♥️

Before, it was an emotionally daunting task to sort through these prints . Now, I feel lighter and ready to cross this bridge. I am so grateful to you all, for wanting to be a part of this process. I am honored to send out these care packages. ♥️

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